Culture will always trump an undefined strategy

Building an action plan to go from now to next

What does success look like? Does everyone know the goal? Do you have a system for vetting out ideas?
Strategy is defined as a plan, method or series of maneuvers for obtaining a specific goal or result.  Too often, we find that organizations gets so caught up in the actual maneuvers versus the plan that strategy provides, that tactics, culture and ideas derail the results. Our approach to strategic planning is grounded in a synergy between culture and strategy, so that culture becomes the filter for ideas and a mechanism for accountability to agreed-upon strategic goals.
We also partner with organizations who have a robust and specifically-defined strategic vision, but may need a boost in documenting processes or coming up with the next idea.  Wakeen & Company has trained facilitators and innovative thinkers to partner with you at any stage of your business.

Facilitation & Workshops

The following facilitated sessions can be offered as part of our full SCAN™ process or as stand-along workshops.

  • Strategic Planning – Strategy is too important to sit on a shelf. Through a series of interactive workshops, you will identify your key strategic initiatives; define short-term and long-term goals; and establish an action plan that engages every member of the team.
  • Process Mapping– Identify and record step-by-step processes within your organization to better manage on-boarding, internal assignments, communications and accountability.  Common process maps include:  Organizational Charts, Communications Protocols, Marketing Deployment and Sales Cycles. 
  • Systematic Innovative Thinking – True innovation is turning an idea into an actionable plan.  Whether it is a new product, more efficient process or fresh way to marketing, we will guide your team through an “inside the box” brainstorming exercise using one of five proven innovative thinking tools.