Strengths-based approach to development

Attract. Engage. Thrive.

Do you know your team?  Your capacity?  Yourself?
We believe people are your greatest asset.  Understand how to leverage strengths, build trust and improve communication across your organization through interactive workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions with a Vistage-Certified Coach, a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and our team of SCAN™professionals.

Leadership Looks Different Right Now ...

We are navigating one of the most challenging times in recent memory from layoffs and furloughs to telecommuting and social distancing configurations.  Employees are far more than human capital; they’re real people facing painful circumstances.

Leaders cannot solve every problem or answer every question.  There is one thing we can always do – authentically care.

When we get this right, we can build trust and inspire hope … and move through this together with stronger teams and better communication.

Do you feel like you have the tools to help your team innovate?  Be resilient?  Thrive?  It can be lonely at the top which is why we have designed a special Executive Coaching Bundle specifically to help support leaders during this time.

Each bundle includes (3) one-hour coaching sessions and a StrengthsFinder Assessment. 

Coaching sessions can be scheduled via Zoom.

Engagement Services


Development can be a messy – it takes time, intentionality and consistency.  A fundamental key to the success of our SCAN™ process is to meet with your teams through a series of facilitated sessions for the purposes of discovery, ensuring that everyone has a voice; and to build consensus.  

You are giving a language to critical components of your culture and blueprint to driving business forward.   Collectively, our facilitators have logged more than 15,000 hours in helping organizations navigate these tough, inspiring and productive conversations.

Our goal is to unlock what is already inside your team and organize it in a way that everyone can take ownership.

Your Wakeen Narratives team will work with you to determine the best cadence for these sessions based on schedules, workflow and capacity.


Want to make a longer-term investment into your people?  Wakeen Narratives offers on-going coaching starting with executives and extending throughout all levels of your organization.  With a Vistage-certified coach, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and Certified Marketing Director on the team, Wakeen Narratives has the experience and passion to partner with you in your development journey.
  • Executive Coaching – The top can be a very lonely place for a leader.  Our peer-based approach will help you navigate challenges, face fears, experience personal growth and lead others more effectively
  • 1:1 Strengths Coaching – Empower potential by unpacking individual strengths theme sequences, develop strategies to use strengths, uncover blind spots and understand how to manage lesser strengths.
  • Team Coaching – One of the most powerful assets that an organization can leverage is a team that fully understands one another.  Our facilitators will work inter-departmentally or with the company as a whole to breakdown barriers to communication; start to build trust; and foster a culture of collaboration.