Sustain the alignment of culture and strategy

Partners in nurturing your culture

How are you hiring? On-boarding? Developing? What does accountability look like?

Effectively engaging teams is one of the toughest challenges facing leaders today.  Engagement encompasses communication, buy-in, understanding and accountability. 

Once you have put language to your story and defined your strategic direction, it is critical to reinforce and inspect these expectations with your team.  Wakeen Narratives can provide tools and/or accountability partnership to keep your organization on track as a dynamic workplace.

According to Gallup, highly engaged business units achieve a 10% increase in customer metrics and a 20% increase in sales.  Conversely, disengaged employees cost the U.S. up to $605 billion each year in lost productivity.

Consultancy Services

  • On-going Staff Development, Training & Coaching – We will work with HR departments as needed to provide on-going support for strengths-based coaching, leadership, team dynamics, communication, conflict resolution, sexual harassment and self-care topics.
  • Development Appraisal Templates – You can’t grow what you don’t know.  This customized appraisal template incorporates your cultural story into an easily administered evaluation tool that be used regularly to communicate what is going well and what could be stronger.
  • Attain-Train-Retain Staffing Services – Need to grow your talent pool?  We can help assess your current team, evaluate potential candidates and build out the necessary tools to on-board and retain quality people.
  • Sales Training – Transform your frontline from order takers to evangelists by empowering them with language and following up with on-the-floor feedback tools. Our trainers will work with HR to develop training materials and/or come in to facilitate workshops