Give a language to your culture


Why Storytelling?

People are hardwired to learn, remember and communicate through stories.   Giving language to your vision, mission, purpose and core values in a narrative format shifts your story from words hanging on a wall to a language that permeates every aspect of your business.

What is your perceived culture? What is your story? Does everyone know the story?

Transforming your organization into a culturally-vibrant machine doesn’t happen overnight or without being intentional.  We can start by taking a look at your current situation through the lens of communication, processes, operations and perceptions, from there we can address hiring and development to strategy and marketing.  Trained facilitators and coaches will guide your team on the journey to compose and activate your unique narrative.

Unpacking and Language Facilitated Workshops

Within the SCAN™ process, we have developed several facilitated workshops structured to bring understanding and clarity to your cultural narrative and strategic direction:

  • Write your Story – Through a series of interactive workshops, you will reverse-engineer your vision, mission, core values and purpose  into a narrative format that can be told, retold and lived out in every aspect of your organization.
  • Shifting SWOT into SO– Our twist on a traditional exercise, we work with your team to apply the concept of constrained thinking to help organizations maximize advantages and redefine vulnerabilities as opportunities.
  • What business are you in – Identify the Why that drives your organization.  Answering this question creates a filter that can empower new products, fresh approaches to business and sustainable growth scenarios.
  • Around Here – Establish the behaviors and attributes that you can use to hire, train, develop and hold your team accountable.  These cultural statements can serve as an extension of your story of as stand-alone elements integrated into human resource activities and customer interactions to reinforce your desired culture.


  • Discovery is a essential aspect of the work we do with our partners.  Identifying what is working or where there may be blindspots while establishing benchmarks, serve as a guide to what elements of SCAN – Strategic Cultural Agility Narrative may need to be employed.  Following are a few of the  assessments and analysis offered by Wakeen & Company:
    • Cultural Index Assessment (CIA) – Administered online and completely anonymously, the CIA provides insight into four key areas of your organization – communication, culture, development and process.  Revealing deltas between the desired and perceived in these disciplines can inform Leadership, Operations and Human Resources on where to invest energies and focus. 
    • Strengths Finder Assessment – Conducted online through CliftonStrengths, Strengths Finder will identify individual hardwiring – or natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.  More than 18 million people have taken CliftonStrengths to better understand their natural talents.  Used within an organization, CliftonStrengths can instill hope, build trust, break down communication barriers and unlock a powerful team dynamic.  Once completed, your results will be sent to a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach who can help you interpret your themes and put them into action.