Does your culture support your strategy?

Experience the power of aligning strategy and culture into one narrative.

SCAN – Strategic Cultural Agility Narrative™  includes five modules that we call PULSE – each is easily administered and managed by facilitators and coaches.  Every solution is customized to the organizations we partner with based on timing, needs and resources.
We find that we often start in one place and end up in another as we begin to unlock areas of true potential within People, Unpacking Culture, Language, Strategy and Engagement.
Within SCAN™ there are several modules that can be deployed on a project basis within your organization based on budget or time constraints.  Many companies  use these to complement larger human resource programs or development initiatives they are already employing.  If you would like to explore custom workshop or coaching options for your team, just ask!


Strengths-based approach to development

Do you know your team? Your capacity? Yourself?
We believe people are your greatest asset.
Understand how to leverage strengths, build trust and improve communication across your organization through interactive workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions with a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and her team.
Our People Modules Include:
– Strengths Assessments
– Executive Coaching
– Change Management Consultation
– Leadership & Team Building Workshops

Unpacking Culture

Reverse-engineer your organization 

What is your current perceived culture? When was the last time you took inventory? Where are your blind spots?
Transformation can only begin when you are willing to take a good look at the current situation.
Trained facilitators will lead your team through a full discovery process to assess communications, processes, operations and culture. Identifying patterns and visualizing success creates a path forward.
Our Unpacking Culture Modules Include:
– Cultural Index Assessment
– SWOT Analysis
– Marketing/Communications Evaluation
– Business Infrastructure Assessment


A parabolic approach to culture

What’s your story? Does everyone know the Vision? Mission? Are they embodying your Core Values?
Your story should not live on a wall – it should be told through your culture.  Wakeen & Company facilitators will lead your team through interactive workshops to clearly define vision, mission, purpose, core values and cultural behaviors.  These become filters for hiring, development, accountability, marketing and planning.
Our Language Modules Include:
– Write Your Story Facilitation
– Cultural Statement Roll-outs
– Storytelling Workshops

Strategic Planning

Aligning culture & strategy 

What does success look like? Does everyone know the goal? Do you have a system for vetting out ideas?
We have found that organizations are largely tactical, living in a to-do list world with no clear direction on what is most important to success.  We will help you identify specific initiatives and then provide practical tools to set short and long terms goals that ultimately drive everyone toward a common vision.  Our approach allows you to integrate operational silos while reinforcing culture through accountability and ownership.
Our Strategic Planning Modules include:
– Strategic Planning Facilitation
– Process Mapping Guidance
– Systematic Innovative Thinking Workshops


Create a self-perpetuating engine 

How are you hiring? On-boarding? Developing? What does accountability look like?
Fostering a culture that attracts, develops and retains top talent requires intentionality.  It starts with leadership and cascades into the entire organization.  Once you have put language to your story and defined your strategic direction, it is critical to continually reinforce expectations.  Our team will work with you to create an environment of on-going development, coaching and feedback to drive sustainable growth and engagement. 
Our Engagement Modules Include:
– Staff Development/Coaching
– Development Evaluation Templates
– Attain-Train-Retain Staffing Consultancy