Using Culture as a Filter for Strategy

A Symbiotic Approach to Staffing, Culture & Strategy: Part 3 of 3

Are you facing a challenge in Staffing, Culture or Strategic Direction? Maybe it isn’t just one or the other. If you have been following our series, then we are proposing that you take a symbiotic approach to these three elements. Overcoming siloed thinking to look at staffing, culture and strategy as allies in a unified approach to how you behave your way into dynamic teams who meet are growing and working together toward a common purpose.

Your cultural story becomes a filter for strategy

At some point or another, we have all relegated ourselves to a to-do list driven existence where we seem to play an endless game of Galactica – frantically answering the next email or solving the next problem. We keep firing out tactical responses and hoping to move to the next level. When your culture, staff and strategy are aligned however, suddenly you have a small battalion of ships firing from a position of strength and purpose.

Within the symbiotic approach, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. Communications protocols are mapped out and, because there is a process for feedback with a consistent language, you can define and prioritize challenges you want to tackle versus taking up a defensive position. It also helps everyone see how a project or program may move through different departments at different points in the process. It may also identify individuals or departments that are overloaded. For example, if you build an action plan and realize that one person is responsible for 90% of the work out of a team of eight, then perhaps the work is not distributed equitably and that associate is headed for a system failure.

When you have tools in place to look at the big picture, you can better identify pitfalls, blind spots or capacity issues before you fail a client or lose a great employee. Feedback tools allow this associate to share her concerns and suggest solutions. Overall, the story of your culture is a guideline to define daily activities and reinforce constructive behaviors.

Healthy organizations realize that they are interdependent on an alignment of culture and strategy which informs recruitment, hiring and development with the purpose of building vibrant, engaged teams. We would love to hear how you may be applying a symbiotic approach to your organization!


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