Reflections and Perspective

Turning the page from 2018 to 2019

Since we do just about everything as a team, in this final blog of 2018, we thought it most appropriate to include a compilation of all our thoughts. While each of us has a unique perspective on the past year, there is certainly a common thread in our development as an organization and possibilities for the next chapter in our story.

Building a Solid Foundation – Kevin Wert, Chief Marketing Officer
Travel through PA and you will see many old stacked stone walls that have weathered the test of time. Why? Because they were built on a solid foundation and each stone was carefully selected and placed for the perfect fit. This year at Wakeen has been a beautiful example of craftsmanship, much like these timeless walls. Each of us unique in our characteristics, but when pieced together in just the right way, it creates a team that stands strong and proud in our collective identity. Matthew 7:24-27

Celebrating Milestones – Sarah Schrank, Senior Marketing & Culture Manager2018 was the first year in many that wasn’t marked by new babies, new homes, or new jobs. It was a year of celebrating the little milestones. Taking first steps. Starting Kindergarten. Savoring healthy friendships. Lingering in all the right moments and feeling overwhelmingly blessed by the sum of all those small pieces. 

Giving & Receiving – Johanna Espamer, Business ManagerWhen we give or fill a need, it’s never a one-way transaction; both giver and receiver experience a blessing. Jesus intends us to rely on Him but it’s easy to forget we’re meant to rely on each other too. Always giving, never receiving, isn’t a model He laid out for us! So, one of my disciplines has been to loosen my grip on independence. I believe we have a lot of opportunities to NOT be alone. 2018 has been about recognizing less obvious ones and embracing them.

Embracing the New – Brianna Campbell, Marketing & Culture ManagerThis time last year, I was a couple months into my first full-time job post college. Even though I had moved back home, everything felt new. New, with all of its glory and excitement, comes with challenges. My main challenge was getting comfortable with failure. Failure is a tough pill to swallow, yet practically inevitable when exploring the land of new. This year has taught me that new, although scary, is good. And a life marked with failures, is a life fully lived.

Taking Flight – Lindsey Artz, Client Service Specialist/Media Buyer2018 was the year of CHANGE. Joining Team Wakeen has been more rewarding than I imagined. On top of that, I became an aunt to a second little lady and my beloved Eagles finally won a Superbowl! My biggest wish looking into 2019 is continued health & happiness for loved ones. And lots of pizza!

Learning to be Present – Adrienne Stauffer, Media CoordinatorI’m a person high in executing strengths, so as the end of 2018 is approaching it’s easy for me to get caught up in what I didn’t accomplish. However, in this season I’m learning to take time and reflect on the goals I did achieve this year and look back on where I have grown. Being intentional with my time is not always about getting the job done, but also being present.

Cherishing Moments – Chris McConnell, Client Service Director
Time: it doesn’t stop for anything and you only get a certain amount every day. If you’re at all like me, life continues to race by and my list of “should haves” continues to grow. I am learning to cherish the moments I have right now and not lose sight of the blessings in my life. My hope is that you can do the same. Grace and Peace be with you this Christmas.

Launching & Releasing – Joanna Drexel-Blevins, Chief Operating Officer
This year has been marked by extremes of joy – launching my daughter into college; and pain – releasing my father into the light of eternity. It has forced me to redefine family. I have an extraordinary band of people who pray, cry and celebrate with me in every area of life. Professionally, teaching me to trust and personally, allowing me to rest. In 2019, I am setting my sights on giving voice to the experiences that sculpt our lives.

Growing, Impacting & Unlocking – Jolene Pickens, Chief Culture Officer
As I reflect on 2018 and all that it held, I am overwhelmed. We have added to our team, a wealth of talent and perspectives. We have grown in our understanding of each other, and uncovered treasures that we each contain. Our passion for seeing our worlds impacted by stewarding our uniqueness has increased. We are becoming better versions of ourselves and unlocking potential far and wide!

Breaking Through – Jeffrey P. Wakeen, Founder/CEO
There has been advancement on many fronts in 2018. From relationships and finances to spiritual revelations and business processes.  Just like a fighter pilot pushing past the sound barrier, I’ve learned that “breaking through” something is not always pleasant. Recognizing it in the moment however allows me to turn to God and trust Him to do the heavy lifting. I wait in anticipation for another year of breakthrough!

From the entire Wakeen Team, our wish for you is that you can find gratitude in the learnings of 2018 and look forward with hope to 2019.


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