Perspective from an Intern:  Part 2

An internship is more than an extra line on a resume or school credit. It is an educational experience, and if you are someone who puts value in learning, an internship could be one of  the most interesting opportunities in your academic journey. Regardless of your field of study – education, medicine, psychology, marketing – in my opinion, internships are important, if not necessary, for your future success.

My Internship ExperienceI was beyond excited to intern under the driven, upbeat, and family-oriented team of Wakeen Enterprise. Going into it, I had few expectations of my role as an intern, but I was eager to learn about what Wakeen Enterprise was all about because I had limited knowledge of their brands. It made me comfortable knowing that there were people there I already knew – which is how I was introduced to the opportunity. With anticipation, I walked into the office with an open heart and mind ready to learn.

Before starting my internship, the main thing I knew about Wakeen Enterprise was how they used the CliftonStrengths to help businesses assess and coach their teams. I had previously taken the assessment, so I was eager to discover more about myself and my strengths as well as the tool itself. Strengths coaching intrigued me, and I was interested to experience how the company leveraged everyone’s strengths to increase productivity in the workplace. I am currently studying psychology, so I loved learning how Wakeen Enterprise was more than just a business. They strive to dig deep into who their clients are in order to unlock their true potential and help them grow to live more intentionally.   From day one, I dove headfirst into what Wakeen & Company does and why they do it. Not only do they connect with my field of study, but I instantly gravitated toward their mission.

In addition to working alongside the Wakeen team in their day to day tasks, I was assigned a summer project. Although intimidating at first, the project turned out to be incredibly useful and insightful. It covered all aspects of Wakeen Enterprise from creating workshops for clients to building a marketing plan for one of their four brands. The project kept me busy, but more importantly helped me feel more connected and involved with this company who is consistently growing and improving.

This Could Be You!If you are considering an internship, I encourage you to think about your goals and get excited about the benefits it could bring to your future. Employers look for people with experience. While maintaining a 4.0 GPA is certainly impressive, having real-world experience in your field of study could be vital when entering the workforce. Here are three specific benefits of internship:

  1. Form connections and start building your network. You will likely meet people that you can tap into for future employment, mentorship or partnership opportunities.
  2. Test drive a job.  Similarly, to how you might test drive a car before purchasing it, you may gain perspective on what your future career may hold. It may answer questions like “is this job right for me?” or “could I see myself here full-time?” before you spend thousands of dollars in tuition on a specific major.
  3. Gain realistic work experience. Even if your responsibilities don’t fully align with your career path or interests, you are bound to learn something. You attain hands-on experience, giving you practical skills, not just academic knowledge. You never know when a skill or industry terminology may help you in the future. 

Final Thoughts
My internship experience with Wakeen Enterprise has been nothing but positive. I have gained insight on day-to-day schedules and tasks.  I have learned how this company aligns with my passion and my college major; and I have made connections with people from various backgrounds. I am encouraged by the what the next several years holds for me and my future career.


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