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Aligning culture and strategy into one clear narrative.

Our Mission

Aligning culture and strategy into one clear narrative.

Wakeen Narratives believes in the connection between personal mission and company vision to develop leaders from a strength-based coaching approach.  This leads to the cultivation of healthy teams through communication and self-awareness.  Our ultimate goal for any organization is sustainable growth as a result of more engaged, productive teams and a clearly articulated strategic plan.

Wakeen Workshops address key challenges that many businesses face, Culture Conversations is a self-administered membership to grow and maintain healthier cultures and SCAN – Strategic Cultural Agility Narrative™ is our trademarked process for complete transformational development

Tools to help you develop your team

We make growing your people easy.  Join Culture Conversations to access workshops, resources, and coaching that can be done at your own pace.

This self-guided program includes topics such as Conflict Resolution, Change Management and Attracting the Right Talent.  Each session is designed to take up to 45 minutes. Topics build from session to session to continually strengthen and engage your team.

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